Super Light 1,5 kg Suitcase

This is the very challenging project to review the existing cabin size product weight and investigate how much we can save from different aspects. Some innovation ideas for the material and the components have be applied. The final result is 1.5kgs for one spinner 55cm product which fulfilled the international testing standard.

Existing suitcase weight:
2,042 kg

Weight saved

New suitcase weight:
1,500 kg

We break the case completely for the first step. To re-consider all material and components about the design, material, features and function.
We figure out some of the components we have to use some new material to make it lighter (for example: Shell). We also simplfy some functional components, like the carry handle, we simply the design for “not too much concept”. Again, we create an innovation wheel which can protect the shell during the drop test.
To combine all of the effort, we come up the significant result. Spinner 55cm case which is 1.5kgs, and it can pass the international testing standard.
Pull Handle
Carry Handle